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Thank you for your kind words:

I found the document (Employee Handbook) really good, it is great to have a templet to work from.

The staff there are really helpful also. Thank you!

Katie Goss - Gossies Mechanical Services
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Our Services

The LAWLIVE™ website provides an online service to enable companies and organisations to independently create using LAWLIVE's unique options a variety of legal documents in a number of practice areas including Employment contracts, Governance and some general Commercial documents. We are working to expand the range and hope shortly to include some Intellectual Property and Information Technology documents. LAWLIVE™ was launched in November 2006.

On our Build a Document page under the Categories heading we set out specific information in relation to all the documents we presently have available on the LAWLIVE™ website. Each individual document page on Build a Document sets out further detailed information in relation to that document, sometimes providing background as to relevant circumstances in which the document would be used and often we have provided a list of the provisions included in the document.

From time to time we post newsworthy items relating to the legal practice areas covered by our document service in our News section located on our homepage beneath Our Services.

The LAWLIVE™ website navigation and document building is quick and easy to use and the user has flexibility to save a partially or fully completed document prior to purchase or to modify documents even after purchase. The documents are available at rates that ensure that businesses do not incur high expenditure volumes for their legal documentation. Moreover, the user always has the peace of mind of an available backup support system in case of need regarding the documents however we do not give legal advice.

Registered Users for the LAWLIVE™ website access documents that have been developed by leading legal professionals with experience in specific fields of practice . This is highlighted in the professionalism of the documents.

We believe that every organisation, business or employer should be working towards ensuring that its business is on track towards complying with good corporate governance. We have endeavoured to assist with this by providing our Registered Users with free use of our Checklists and other general information documents to assist them with that task.

We at LawLive believe that customer satisfaction is of utmost priority and this is supported by our satisfaction guarantee.

Powering independently-run organisations as well as syndicated and corporate businesses, we manage most aspects of doing business online, including document update, order management, fulfilment, secure payment processing, and quality customer service - enabling anyone to have access to legal documents.

Why Register with LAWLIVE™ ?
Registration is free, quick and easy, and gives our Registered Users instant access to a whole range of extra features and services which include:

  • Unlimited access to the LAWLIVE™ Library and the ability to build your own documents
  • Customised login
  • Ability to save your documents and continue in your own time
  • Modify non-restricted details after document purchase
  • Access to the LAWLIVE™ website support
  • Access to Checklists and other useful documents

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