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Software Licence Agreement (With Installation)

Software Licence Agreement (With Installation)
Document Type: Microsoft Word
Build Time: 8 Min

Build your professionally drafted Software Licence Agreement (With Installation) using our unique document customisation system. It's Easy… Answer a series of simple questions with help provided. Have your document delivered in minutes, and make modifications online after reviewing your document.

Help is provided throughout the building of your document.

Most of the document information can be modified by you after purchase, or if you have any special requirements for clauses to be included, excluded or modified the LawLive team can make those adjustments for you at no additional cost.

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Use this document if you are the owner and/or have the right to licence software to another party. The Licensor is required to install the Software with an option to provide acceptance testing. This document covers software and the manuals, workbooks, instructions etc., which go along with the software. You can use this document for combinations of either Exclusive, Non-Exclusive, Perpetual, Non-Perpetual, Transferable, Non-Transferable, Revocable and Non-Revocable Licences.

By using this document you will be able to set out limits to what the Licensee is legally able to do with the software it is given. This includes reverse engineering, modifying, sublicencing and user limits. This document also allows gives you the option of holding all source code and materials in Escrow (however a separate agreement is needed for the act of holding the items in Escrow).

This agreement includes the following clauses:

1. Licence
2. Term Of Licence
3. Licence Fee
4. Intellectual Property
5. Confidential Information
6. Installation and Acceptance Testing
7. Licensor Representations & Warranties
8. Licensee Warranties, Obligations & Acknowledgements
9. Limitation Of Liability
10. Indemnity
11. Source Code In Escrow
12. Termination
13. Notices
14. Dispute Resolution
15. General Provisions
16. Interpretation

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